This initiative is an independent research project developed by Dr Ella McPherson and Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa based at the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. The project aims to generate, on the one hand, knowledge about how everyday racism works in a higher education institution such as the University of Cambridge. On the other hand, this project is about informing the work of student and staff antiracist activism in the University pushing the agenda for institutional change and test reporting technology for advocacy research.

We are asking members of the University community to participate by reporting incidents of everyday racism. We want to know what, how and where racism happens, not your identity. You will not be named in public documents or presentations. There will be no formal repercussions for any specific person, either the one who reports or if there is anyone in particular being reported as this is a research project and not a formal reporting university procedure. 

The reports we aim to gather will help us understand how racism is experienced at Cambridge with numeric, descriptive and geographic evidence to inform advocacy but also for academic presentations and publications.

This project has gone through a consultation process with various organisations and individuals within and outside Cambridge who have reviewed the report and gave us feedback. Amongst our supporters are UCU Cambridge Branch, Cambridge University Student Union and Graduate Union, FLY, The Black Cantabs Research Society, The 1752 Group and the Decolonising Sociology Committee.

Please be aware that this is not a formal reporting procedure of the University of Cambridge. You may learn more about specific reporting procedures for staff and students here:

This project, Everyday Racism at Cambridge, differs from the anonymous reporting that the University offers because it wants more detail about the nature of the event that took place as well as the location and its aim is to highlight how racism is normalised. This anonymous reporting tool is not actionable in individual terms—no action will be taken to address this specific instance of racism, because the university cannot identify any individuals or location.

If you are experiencing a crisis and need medical attention, call 111. We understand the difficult relationship between people of colour and the police but please note you could decide to report a hate crime at 999 or or reach out to organizations such as and

As researchers we are trained in keeping data confidential. We will preserve your confidentiality and keep the raw data safely stored.  Your whole anonymous report will only be seen by staff and volunteers of The Whistle/Everyday Racism project at the University of Cambridge

We adhere to the code of ethics of the British Sociological Association:

This report should take around 15 minutes to complete, but this might vary.