How is this incident report anonymous?

    • If you have concerns that providing detailed information might lead to your being identified, please note that we take the protection of your identity very seriously. We are also careful about collecting data pertaining only to members of the University of Cambridge.
    • You will be asked to verify your membership to the university community by providing a current or alumni email address, to which an email will be sent that verifies your email address and gives you code to access to the report. After you input the code, we will not keep your email and have no way to link it to your identity.
    • The report will generate an alias which we ask you to safeguard so that if you submit another report we can link them together.  If you forget or lose your alias you just need to submit a new report with a new alias. There is no way we can retrieve your alias. You will also have the opportunity to create and download a PDF with your report at the end after you submit it.
    • You will also have the opportunity to create and download a PDF with your report at the end after you submit it labelled only with your alias.

How will we ask for your consent?

    • We will ask you to read through this website carefully to get the full information of this research project.
    • You will have the opportunity to think through these issues and give your consent to participate.
    • We will reassure you that any information you provide will be seen and analysed by the research team and volunteers of the Whistle – Everyday Racism Research Project.
    • We will ask you to agree to take part in this study.
    • We will want to know:
      • If you understand that your participation is considered voluntary.
      • that you are free to stop at anytime.
      • that your report is automatically saved as you fill it in and if you do not complete it we will be recorded as incomplete.
      • That you understand that it is not possible to withdraw your report once you have submitted it, as we do not have any way to confirm that an alias is linked to a particular email.
      • that you give your consent for the information to be used for academic purposes (i.e. reports, publications, presentations);
      • that you agree that your report informs antiracist activism in the University of Cambridge and beyond.