Racism is an ideology and a set of practices based on ideas of inherent ‘racial’ superiority that normalises control, domination and exclusion over people of colour, while legitimating privilege and oppression. In this way, racism has substantive effects on the organisation of our economic, political, and social lives.

One of the ways in which racism is perpetuated as a system of oppression is through everyday manifestations and micro aggressions.

Expressions of racism include beliefs, feelings, attitudes, utterances, assumptions and actions that end up reproducing and re-establishing a system that offers dominant groups opportunities to thrive while contributing towards the marginalisation of minority groups.

Forms of racism can also refer to structural processes, environments or atmospheres and less discrete or more diffuse experiences. Sometimes racism can even appear through apparently ‘well meaning’ comments or actions.

We are aware that some forms of racism might be easier to capture in this format than others and that the term ‘racist incident’ might fall short for what you experienced or saw.

We also understand that everyday racism is so normalised that many will not even perceive it as such. However, the acknowledgement of racism as an important social problem is increasing and this project aims to contribute to its visibility and eradication while critically acknowledging the limitations that a format like this might have.

No incident is too ‘small’ to matter.
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